“52 things in 52 weeks” worked so well last year that I want to do it again for 2016.

No resolutions, just challenges to work towards throughout the year. But I want to shake it up a little bit.

I am not going to set a list now but try to find one new thing each week.


I have a few ideas already…

~ Learn to use our new camera in manual mode

~ Learn to use chopsticks

~ Eat a Japanese meal

~ Eat a Vietnamese meal

~ Put signature on my photos

~ Take reasonable aurora photo

~ Take reasonable night sky photo

~ Go to Twenty 20 cricket / Big Bash match

~ Walk 10,000 steps on 6 days each week


I also have 8 challenges carried over from last year…

~ Drive along Australia’s Great Ocean Road

~ Get a new job

~ Visit Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

~ See moon set over the ocean

~ Skinny dip in the ocean

~ Go to a drive in movie

~ Get to a healthy BMI and maintain it

~ Visit Western Australia


There are a few things I want to continue doing…

~ Sentence a day journal

~ Photo a day

~ Take a selfie a week

~ Improve photo techniques and editing


day zero project is a useful website for ideas and prompts

Learn how to … A new skill or hobby?

Start … Develop a habit.

Stop … Break a habit.

Take a vacation to … Where would you most like to travel to?

Find … What are you looking for?

Try … One new thing you want to try.

Be more … A personal characteristic to improve.


Or I could try some of these ideas…