This is something else that I have learned about recently.

There are days when a “total fire ban” is imposed. This means no campfires, no incinerator fires, no bonfires, no back burning.

“Back burning is a way of reducing the amount of flammable material during a controlled burn or wildfire by starting small fires along a man made or natural firebreak in front of a main fire front.”

It means no wood fire barbeques, no wood fire cooking outdoors. Gas and electric barbeques are allowed providing the surrounding area is cleared for a least one metre.

The ban means no welding, grinding or cutting metal in the open. Any tools that create sparks are prohibited.

It means restrictions on farming equipment such as harvesting machinery.

An unprecedented four day fire ban is now in place across the whole of Tasmania. This will impact a long weekend and Australia Day celebrations.

As 70 bush fires continue to burn across the state, one National Park has been closed, hiking tracks and overnights huts have been closed in other parks, restricting access to the island’s lakes, mountains and wilderness.


total fire ban