IMG_0384The Sandy Bay Regatta is one of the world’s longest running regattas, now in it’s 168th year. It originated with sea farers testing their skills against work mates. Today, sports on the river are still a main attraction, along with beach and field activities.

Rowing, outboarders, dragon boats, kayaks and wind surfers.



I expected thong throwing competitions. (Thongs / flip flops / jandals / slops.) But here in Tasmania they throw locally made work boots – Blundstones. This was such fun, different ages groups taking part. The adults were more dangerous than the kids, with boots going high in the air and landing in the crowds.


The park behind the beach was full of kids activities, rides, food and drink stalls, live music. There was a kids fashion parade and best dressed Aussie competion.The tug of war was another fun event, several heats with lots of cheating.


Australia Day marks the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships back in 1788 but is now regarded as a day to celebrate what is great about the country and being Australian. Although there is recognition of the indigenous Australians that have inhabited this land for hundreds of years, some still refer to the date as “invasion day” and have protested that this public holiday should be moved to another, less emotive, date.

Welcoming new Australian citizens is also part of the day with Citizenship Ceremonies taking place along side the celebrations. The mayor of Hobart, dressed in gown and chains, presented certificates and a native plant to sixty eight new citizen’s.


The weather was rather overcast but no rain, not too hot and not too windy. Perfect conditions for the water events.

Happy Australia Day.