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One of the gems of Perth in Western Australia is Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens.

KP 1

The area is a combination of parkland, natural bush land and cultivated gardens. On Mount Eliza, it overlooks the city and the river with stunning views. It is one of the largest inner city parks in the world.

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Many of the roads are arranged in impressive tree lined avenues. “Honour Avenues” planted almost a hundred years ago, to remember and commemorate the men and women who died in the First World War and subsequent wars. Individual plaques mark each tree.

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An imposing war memorial has a prominent position in the park. The ANZAC Day dawn service must be a extraordinary experience in this location.

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Nearby there is a memorial wall to the victims, survivors and helpers of the 2002 Bali bombings.

KP 8

There are paths thorough water gardens and this Federation Bridge walkway. Lots of benches to sit on and enjoy the scenery. A sculpture memorial to the Pioneer Women of the region stand amongst fountains.

KP 9

Boards provide information on the plants and the indigenous history of the land.

KP 12

KP 13.jpg

There are various trees but this huge Morton Bay Fig tree stood out, along with this Dragon Tree which was recently moved to the park and the weird looking grass trees.

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As well as the expected Aussie birds, we saw lots of black cockatoos. I didn’t get photos of them so here’s a picture from one of the info boards.

KP bird

The DNA Tower is a double staircase, a popular spot for those exercising in the park. Views across the tree tops can be seen from the top platform.

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Within the grounds there are cafes with outdoor seating areas, an enticing gift shop and an Aboriginal Art Gallery. Kings Park was an ideal place to spend our last few hours in Western Australia.

My daughter S~E and I had a lovely holiday, leaving our husbands at home. The trip was an interesting mix of city, river, parks and open spaces, of beaches, island and dessert. The city was easy to get around, by train, free city loop bus service and in a hire car.

It ticked a “bucket list” item for us both, although UK born we have now been to every state and territory in Australia, more than our Aussie born husbands have achieved.