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My head knows that the seasons here in Tasmania are back to front from my UK background. So I’m posting this monthly series to record the changing seasons and to encourage my mind to grasp this southern hemisphere reality.

Life here in February continues to revolve around the beach and barefoot walks.

F 1

As schools are back for a new academic year, the beaches are busy in the evenings and weekends with families swimming, paddling, sailing, enjoying games and picnics.

Fresh local produce at the farmer’s market has changed. Cherries and raspberries are long gone, stoned fruit are coming to and end as we approach the beginning of the apple and pear harvest.

The countryside and paddocks are parched. Water reserves are low. Rain is desperately needed. Bush fires continue to burn.

F fields

A mix of flowers are in bloom.

Flowering gum are one of my local favourites.

F G 1F G 2F G 3

Now at the end of February, there are hints of autumn.

At the end of January and the beginning of this month, the five planets of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury aligned in the pre dawn sky, for the first time in a decade. The waxing moon moved danced amongst the planets, moving position each night. I didn’t get any photos but I was happy to get up on a few occasions to observe this rare event in the night sky.

The days are drawing in. I don’t have to get up so early to capture the sunrise. The recent full moon provided some lovely images rising over the Derwent River.

F sunriseF moon