At the beginning of January, I challenged myself to do something new each week during 2016. I didn’t set a list in advance, like I did last year.

Instead, I’m trying to visit new places, go to different events, try new food, expand my diet choices, get a bit fitter and learn a few new things. They are not all big challenges that take me out of my comfort zone, but they are things that encourage me to take a positive step, to get out of routine, to enrich my life.

Here are things that I’ve achieved in the first nine weeks of 2016:
~ Started using a fitness tracker
~ Introduced quinoa into our diet
~ Went to Twenty 20 cricket / Big Bash match
~ Attended MONA Festival of Music & Art
~ Went to a silent movie with live soundtrack
~ Ate a Vietnamese meal
~ Celebrated Australia Day in Australia
~ Attended Hobart Regatta Day
~ Organised Neighbour’s Picnic
~ Visited Western Australia
~ Organised Café Catch Up for local Photo a Day group
~ Put signature on my photos
~ Completed 18 months of consecutive Photo A Day posts

Here are my long term challenges that are on target:
~ Sentence a day journal
~ Photo a day
~ Selfie a week
~ Send a handwritten letter each month
~ Walk over 10,000 steps on 6 days each week

It’s been a good start to the year and March looks to be another busy month.

Challenge Yourself road sign with sun background