Seemingly small decisions have led to the life she now has.
Small insignificant steps have created her life journey.

Where would she be if …
She hadn’t spoken to the guy on the train.
They hadn’t spent the next few years together.
She hadn’t moved to a new town to follow his career.
She hadn’t met his friends who later moved to Melbourne.

She wouldn’t have the travel bug that this airline pilot inspired in her.
She wouldn’t have the friendships that have lasted over thirty years.
She wouldn’t have had the contacts or inclination to travel across the world.

Where would she be if …
She hadn’t got fed up with London life, work and ex boyfriends.
She hadn’t saved for and organised a gap year.
She hadn’t moved into that specific house share when back in London.
She hadn’t got involved with the Aussie housemate.

She wouldn’t have travelled, seen such places, met such people.
She wouldn’t have experienced the best years of her life.
She wouldn’t have met the love of her life.

Where would she be if …
She hadn’t married the Aussie bloke so that they could stay together.
She hadn’t had the kids she’d had at the time she’d had them.
She hadn’t left a permanent job to try a six month contract with a friend.
She hadn’t stayed in that firm for fifteen years until redundancy arrived

She might have married an Englishman.
She might have had kids with very different influences and interests.
She might have lived a “smaller” life.

She wouldn’t be living in Australia now.
She wouldn’t have seen school lessons on the beach this morning.
She wouldn’t be thoughtful today, wondering, what if ……?