Cradle Mountain is an iconic image of Tasmania. Views of the mountain are often taken from Dove Lake.


It is one of several rugged peaks in a beautiful alpine landscape, of lakes and heathland. The area is a national park in the heart of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Site. There are numerous walking tracks ranging from a few hours to several days.

We were lucky to get good views as the weather closed in. This little photo point is an ideal spot to show the difference a day makes!


I made the mistake of experimenting with manual settings on our new camera. So a few photos are not as sharply focused as I would have liked. But we all learn by mistakes!


This postcard shows the old boat shed in better detail.

P small Cradle Mountain hut

It was a totally relaxing experience to stay at the lodge, without tv in the cabins, with limited wifi and mobile coverage. A real break from the demands of today’s technological world.

It would be lovely to see the mountain in winter, as shown on this postcard.

P small Cradle Mtn reflection