This delightful mountain chalet is at Cradle Mountain, in Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area.


As European settlers explored Tasmania during the 1800’s proposals for the area around Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair ranged from mining, railways, to farms and plantations.

It was the vision of Gustav Weindorfer and his wife, Kate, that resulted in the are being declared a national park in 1922.

He proclaimed “This must be a national park for the people for all time. It is magnificent, and people must know about it and enjoy it.”

He built the original chalet in 1912 and welcomed guests who wanted to walk and hike in this remote region. There is audio information about the hut and the family and this room shows the kitchen one hundred years ago.


The chalet overlooks the start of the Overland Track, a world famous six day, sixty five kilometre wilderness trek.

Various huts are nearby the chalet, some acting as “day huts” now for walkers to rest and escape the weather.


It was wet and misty on the day we visited the chalet. Luckily the previous day we had clear weather and views of the mountain.


This is my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors challenge.