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This sculpture is in Perth but pertinent to all firefighters across the country.

Fire 1

Fire is a natural occurrence here. Whilst driving, we often see evidence of bush fires.


Tasmania had a long and difficult fire season this summer. Lightening ignited wild fires in mid January. The remote and inaccessible terrain in our wilderness areas meant fires burnt out of control for many weeks, some burnt for over two months in peat fields.

Tasmania Fire Service has 500 full time staff and more than 5,000 volunteers.

The SES – State Emergency Service – provides assistance in natural disasters, rescues, road crashes and extreme weather. SES in Tasmania has 24 employees and 540 volunteers.

2,000 fire fighters came from the mainland and from New Zealand to assist local “firies”. Additional equipment was shipped in, helicopters used on constant rotation. The cost is estimated to be $25 million.

Hopefully as summer turns to autumn and winter, we’ve seen the last of bushfires for a while.

Controlled fuel reduction burns are taking place. We had smoke across the river estuary earlier this month.


My emotion behind the first image was and is respect. Respect for all people who work in the emergency services.