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It’s been a few months since we went for a bush walk. We have been enjoying the beach and coastal paths during the summer months.

The shade of the bush called us on a still hot day recently, when there was no cooling breeze off the water. A walk on Mount Wellington from Fern Tree to Spring Falls sounded appealing.

B falls 1

Fern Tree is well named with an abundance of tree ferns in the area. We chose the steeper path and walked a longer circular route to the waterfalls.

There was no sign of water in the gullies or below the bridges that we navigated.

B bridge 1B bridge 2

At a junction of bush tracks we saw this memorial. A little further on, this marker provided more information about the 1903 race.

B sign 1B sign 2

The waterfalls were well worth the effort even after a long dry spring and summer. We must revisit after some winter rains.

B falls 2B falls 3

I’m joining Jo’s Monday Walk this week.