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My head knows that the seasons here in Tasmania are back to front from my UK background. So I’m posting this monthly series to record the changing seasons and to encourage my mind to grasp this southern hemisphere reality.

The days are now shorter than the nights. We’re still getting warm sunny days but overnight temperatures are down to single figures and the early mornings, evenings feel cool and require a jacket. The sun is lower in the sky, creating long shadows.


It’s been mainly blue skies, some interesting cloud formations, and just a couple of days of rain. Real rain that filled the rivers for a few hours.


March has been a month of nuts. Walnuts, almonds, acorns and conkers.




Conkers always remind me of autumn. When my daughters were little we’d walk and scrunch through fallen leaves, collect conkers and stack them on our front door step, creating a small cairn, a landmark to the season. I associate conkers with my daughter’s birthdays, but that’s September! And I’m back to upside down seasons.

March has been harvest time for grapes on the vine. For apples and pears. Oh, there is a theme occurring here!

Figs are ripening in the trees and are the current fruit at the farmer’s market.

It has been a time to celebrate local produce at a regional food festival.


March has seen the beginning of the “footy season”. Here in Tassie, that means Aussie Rules Football, with local games, family events, kids playing on the field before the game and during quarter and half time breaks.


There are still flowers about, such as these passion flowers, but many are turning to seed heads like agapanthus that were so pretty during the summer months.


And I’ve seen more snake warnings this month than previously, fortunately, I haven’t encountered a snake in the wild yet.


I’m linking this to cardinal guzman changing seasons challenge.