We have now been in Tasmania for over thirteen months.
I’ve finally said goodbye to my gap year.

It was hard to let it go.

We had spent so long wishing and planning and then actually living it.
It extended to nineteen months of permanent holiday.
I managed to drag it out and change the parameters.

A year of non-employment actually ended in August 2015.
So I made it a calendar year – 2015.
That ended, so I changed it to a year in Australia.

Last month, I finally had to make the mind switch.
I’m no longer living a gap year, this is now real life.

As well as applying for jobs, I’ve been doing some volunteer work.
I thought I’d get as busy as possible and see what the universe throws back at me.

I now have a weekday routine.
6.30am alarm call.
I’ve been working part time hours
Nothing too strenuous!

Until today…
For the first time in 625 days,
I have worked a full day.

I’ll write about the volunteer experience in a few days.
For now, I’m putting my feet up! 🙂