It’s the end of another working week. Aussie Mate and I have both now worked a full week for the first time since August 2014.

He has been working a couple of days a week for several months and I’ve done a few weeks of part time volunteer work. Last week he did extra shifts covering holidays and I’d moved to a different office where full time hours were appropriate.

So for the first time in twenty months, our leisure time is significantly reduced. We are back to weekend chores, laundry, housework, food shopping.


We are still adjusting to the change of lifestyle, to the new demands on our time.

I’ve not had time for my creative outlets and relaxation, photography, knitting, crochet, reading novels, writing here.

Communication has taken a hit too. I’ve been slack with emails and messages, hand writing letters and post cards.

I’ve skipped through reading your blogs and I’ve not posted as many comments as I’d like.

So apologies to family, friends and fellow bloggers as I get used to a new work / life balance and reset my personal priorities.

Full time work will be in my future, whether paid or unpaid. But first we’ve got a six day holiday up in Sydney 🙂