DARK MOFO is a winter festival in Hobart that runs for twelve days up to the winter solstice. Multiple locations across the city have free public urban art installations. There are various music gigs during the festival.

It is organised by Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art – MONA. Their Festivals of Music and Art are abbreviated to FOMA. MONA FOMA is again shorted to MOFO.

A designated outdoor area called Dark Park hosts a range of art events. This year, red light trails guided everyone around the park, to a mirror maze, to light shows and short films inside abandoned industrial buildings, performance art, food and drink stalls, an urban maze created from old shipping containers. Graffiti artists are decorating the outside of the containers each night. Dark Park and the Winter Feast are lit by tall fire beacons and open wood fires.

The mirror maze was huge fun for visitors of all ages, the sound of friendly banter as we kept meeting and passing the same people attempting to find the middle then the way out. In places, an open roof looked up to the night sky, in other sections the high light bulbs were reflected back in the mirrors.


In another urban space, synchronised lights created dancing spotlights on the floor. There was a hushed atmosphere in here as mist gathered then dissipated. Again kids loved chasing the light pools across the floor or posing in the spotlights.


Art has been placed in urban pedestrian subways. I came across this short animation showing on a globe shaped screen. The animation ended with the characters sitting on a bench, reflecting a real bench that was placed in the subway to sit and watch the film.


There are so many unexpected creations in the city. Many have obscure names and I’ve not taken note of the artists, apologies. Some of the art is not to my taste but there is definitely something for everyone and it gets people talking.

The Winter Feast is a highlight of DARK MOFO.

It’s as great time to be in Hobart. I love this city.