It used to be so easy.

BBC 1 – on channel 1
BBC 2 – on channel 2
ITV – on channel 3
Channel 4 – on channel 4
Channel 5 – on channel 5

A few digital channels came on the scene in the UK, but is all seemed straight forward.

Then I moved to Australia.

ABC is channel 2
SBS is channel 3
Channel Seven
Channel Nine
Channel Ten

Which works fine in the metropolitan cities, where the stations are owned and operated by the channels.

But out in the regions – ie Tasmania – the commercial stations are broadcast through affiliates.
So ….
TDT – on channel 5 – broadcasts “Channel Ten”
Southern Cross – on channel 6 – broadcasts “Channel Seven”
WIN – on channel 8 – broadcasts “Channel Nine”

As from today, TDT and WIN have changed alliances. So Ten will now be on 8 and Nine will be on 5. We have retuned our TV and have lost Seven on 6.

Aaaggghh my brain is having a melt down.