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July has shown winter in all it’s guises.

Snow on the hills. Mount Wellington, overlooking Hobart has had snow on the summit for over a week now.


Beautiful skies, beach walks, calm days or strong surf, days of rain, showers and rainbows.

Warnings on the tv weather reports have included gales, floods, wind warnings for coastal areas and inland lakes, road warnings for ice and snow, warnings to farmers and graziers, warnings to bush walkers and trekkers. This is just one page, sometimes there are three pages of potential weather hazards.


July has hosted a general election, queues at the polling station and cardboard polling booths. July also held more Mid Winter Festivals and unique events.

There are hints of spring with blossom on the almond trees, magnolia buds, yellow wattle blooms and bright daisy like flowers.


This is the 12th month of my changing seasons series. I guess I know what to expect with each month now, although on occasion I still have to stop and think.…..

A “spring newsletter” in September??? Oh yes, that’s right.