I didn’t set out to post every day in July, but somehow that is what happened.

As I begin my second week of full time paid work, I need to re-balance my commitments.

I’ll continue to blog, but less frequently, perhaps more photos, fewer words. I want to continue with the weekly photo challenge and some other regular series. There are bound to be events or situations that grab my attention and demand I put fingers to keyboard. We’ll see.

I want to continue to read other blogs and to comment, to keep up my online friendships, but it might take me a few days to pick up your posts.

Blogging and social media and photo a day challenge, have all been brilliant ways to spend my time, to connect with people, to express my creative side, to learn about new places, whilst on my extended gap year. Even during the past few months of volunteering, I’ve juggled them all.

But now, I can’t leave work at lunch time because I’d rather be taking photos or writing a blog post. I have a study course to complete, which I have neglected of late. Life feels a little busy and I need to spend more leisure time being active, enjoying nature and scenery like this, less sitting indoors with a laptop.

So for now, I’ll see you a couple of times a week.