Hobart Town Hall held an open day today, to celebrate 150 years since it’s opening.

This is the Great Hall.img_2320

The Mayor’s Office. An intriguing mix of history and modern technology.img_2307

There are a number of impressive chandeliers within the building.

Outside, there were old trams from one hundred years ago. The double decker Tram No. 17 dates back to the First World War, but commission was delayed because the ship carrying the motors was sunk on route from Britain. The tram was in service until 1947 and has now been renovated with original parts sourced from other vehicles.img_2283img_2291

The single decker Tram No. 39 was also in service during the same period. Then spent forty years in someone’s back yard before being restored.img_2301

Here is another old tram, but this one awaiting restoration.img_2330

It was a fun day out, with food stalls, live music, other historic vehicles.img_2329img_8665