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Bruny is one of my favourite places. An island, off an island, off the mainland of Australia. It has a resident population of 700 which grows to over 5,000 during the summer months. The local police force doubles for the tourists, from 1 to 2.

A narrow neck of land joins North Bruny and South Bruny with wooden steps leading up to fabulous views.


Weโ€™ve taken the car ferry across to the island on several occasions, but today we saw Bruny from a different perspective, from a tour boat.

The island has interesting geology and rock formations. Waves crashing into underwater caves created spectacular curtains of water.


We saw a variety of sea birds, gulls, cormorants, short tailed shearwaters (locally called mutton birds) and shy albatross.

We observed two seal colonies, the male only group of Australia fur seals and a breeding colony of New Zealand fur seals. They were slow and cumbersome on the rocks but sleek and agile as they swam near the boat.