After two years and two months, husband and I are both now working full time. We stretched our “gap year” out as long as possible, having a fantastic time exploring, enjoying a new place, a relaxed life style.

Now it’s time for a different reality, earning a living, work schedules, reduced leisure time.

Priorities are changing. I have to manage time again, make choices on how to spend it. So with study deadlines, summer months approaching, beaches to walk on, social events to attend, family and friends to keep in touch with, general household admin and chores to keep on top of …..

…. Blogging will inevitably move down my priority list, along with daily photos and keeping up with other blogger’s posts.

Time is like water
It finds it’s own level
Right now,
it is running through my fingers too fast
Some precious things will have to take a back seat for a while.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog, who likes my posts and comments on them. It’s been fun and a pleasure to “meet” you all.

I’m not going away totally, I will post occasionally, pop into this wonderful community a few times a week, to check on posts as time allows. But apologies for not giving your blogs my full attention. We’ll catch up again soon, I hope.