As posted here, we had a nostalgic time at the Tasmanian Transport Museum last weekend.

As well as the steam trains and carriages, there were various old vehicles, which seem an ideal post for Norm’s Thursday Doors Series.

Fire engines from different decades.

This “wheeled escape ladder” was imported from Britain in 1969 at a cost of $5,668. Lots of cupboard doors to hide equipment.

This side loader bus from the 1940’s has a door on the pavement side for each row of bench seats. The other side has just the one, the driver’s door. Also this car, adapted for the mine manager, to run on rails.

There were trams and trolley buses without doors, before the days of ”health and safety”. The museum is run by volunteers, who have renovated many of the vehicles.


I’m impressed with these seats that can face either way. The seat back can slide backwards and forwards. Sydney still has seats like this on it’s new trains.