This week’s challenge – Show us something that you’ve recycled or repurposed, or an object for which you’ve discovered a clever new use.

The first thing that came to mind is our driftwood tree. A large piece of wood standing in a bucket of sand, with a few cross branches tied on with rope.


It began as a Christmas Tree, but with a birthday in early January, it changed into a Birthday Tree. Discussions with friends turned in to a challenge to keep the tree and see how many other occasions it could celebrate. It is currently our Australia Day Tree.


Last year, for my first Christmas in the southern hemisphere, I didn’t want a traditional tree or a bundle of tinsel. I wanted something different. So we collected driftwood and we sorted the various twigs and sticks on our balcony. We started small before we got to our current tree.

We want to decorate our tree for various occasions or special days throughout 2017 so please leave a comment if you have suggestions. The more ideas the better!