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Rosny Barn is a gem in the heart of Hobart suburbs. The stone building dates back to 1818, just fifteen years after the first European Settlers arrived in Tasmania.

It is constructed from round river stones, sea shell mortar, with sandstone blocks on the corners and around doorways. The roof is made from wooden shingles.


It is believed the barn was used to store hay. The height of the barn and the two sets of double doors opposite each other would have allowed hay wagons to drive through for easy loading and unloading. The vertical slits at the top of the walls would have enabled air to circulate, reducing the risk of fire.

The overall site is Rosny Farm, with a mix of stone, brick and wooden buildings, ruins of stables and farm outbuildings. The farm well is marked out as a circular bench.

Rosny Cottage was built around 1850 and was the home of farmers and labourers.


The School House is a replica from 1890 and is now a small gallery.


The barn now hosts performances and exhibitions and has beautiful wooden doors.


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