Our journey began yesterday morning, as we left a sunny Hobart, where we navigated the small airport, from taxi, through check in and security, to the departure gate, in just 10 minutes. Hold that thought.IMG_7645

We had lunch in Sydney airport, before boarding a fourteen hour flight. The journey from the Domestic to the International terminal took more than 10 minutes. Once checked in again and through security, the walk to the gate was 10 minutes.

We arrived in Abu Dhabi just before midnight, local time. The aircraft parked out on the tarmac, a bus ride to the terminal building took 10 minutes, where this camel welcomed us. More than 10 minutes queueing back through security and round to the departure gate again for the next leg.IMG_7674

Finally to London Heathrow at 7am this morning, where everything took much much longer than 10 minutes. The walk from the gate, the queues at Border Control, the wait at baggage claim, the time until the next underground train into the city. After thirty hours travelling, we are here.IMG_7675IMG_7678