Two years ago our life changed. We packed “our UK life” into a five foot square storage unit, and travelled to Tasmania for an “adult gap year”. We’ve had a great time and for the foreseeable future, Hobart is now home.

When we packed up, we didn’t know where our next home would be, what size, what we’d need, so the packing up process was interesting. In reality, there are very few things that we have actually missed in the two years.

We are now back in London to catch up with family and friends and for the task of clearing the storage unit, reviewing our “stuff”.


We’ve had three days of sorting.
~ Furniture, tools, TV, DVD, kitchen equipment, hand bags, clothes, all donated.
~ Books, LP’s, 45’s and CD’s sold.
A few surprises, lots of memories.

So we are down to a dozen boxes in my Mum’s loft. A small pile of things to take back to Tassie. We can now relax and enjoy the rest of our holiday.

I’ve had the song from “Frozen” going through my head as a mantra …”Let It Go”. It’s just stuff.

I haven’t dared open the box of photos yet! I need to see if I have a day to spare to get lost in that task.