“A Letter to my daughters”

I’m grateful that I met your dad
A man from the land down under
A place far away 

I’m grateful that we had both of you 
That we created our own little family 
The joy, the laughs

All your lives, you’ve had family overseas 
You’ve grown without grandparents nearby 
Visits two years apart

Relatives in photos and letters, occasional visits
Now on email, message, skype and Facebook 
The world seems smaller 

You are grown now #properadult
Making good choices, creating your lives
Choosing your homes

It’s hard that we are a distance apart 
In different countries, different continents 
Different time zones 

But inevitable, with your background 
With your strength and independence 
Your personalities

It’s a joy to know you are happy 
In your place, with your lives
Love you heaps