Bruno, the teddy bear, joined our family back in the 90’s. He was a gift for our first daughter, when she was born.IMG_2516

He was a favourite companion and part of many games. He joined in dolls tea parties, was the patient when the girls dressed up as doctors, went out on bike rides. He lived in her bedroom until her late teens, when she moved out.

When we packed up our home in the UK two years ago, the teddies were put in a packing box inside a storage unit.Version 2

After a UK trip earlier this year, we cleared the storage unit, so Bruno travelled to Australia in a suitcase.

He is now living back with our daughter and her husband, as they prepare for the birth of their first baby. Their dog is getting used to all the baby stuff that has moved into their house, including this cute furry rival.IMG_1541 (1)

Bruno has a new role in life. He is the perfect size for a baby capsule/car seat, also for a baby carrier. So the parents-to-be are practicing with the various equipment, their straps, clips and buckles.

Practicing is fine, until bystanders become concerned about a covered baby capsule with a foot shape visible in a locked car. Our daughter had to explain that she hadn’t intended to suffocate Bruno.Version 2