Music is a window to our past. Last week, Elton John put on a couple of shows in Hobart and we were fortunate to get tickets.IMG_5442

I was transported from this place and this time, back to London in my teens and twenties. Different songs, different memories, created my own time travel experience.

Elton’s voice and piano playing skills are as good as ever. Some of his band have been touring with him for over forty years. Thank you all for a fabulous show.IMG_5405IMG_5397

The programme to this small regional tour was also a window to the past, reminding us of the vinyl records of his years.IMG_5443

Which Elton song are you singing as you read this? Crocodile Rock? Rocket Man? Your Song? Daniel? Candle in the wind? Don’t’ let the sun go down on me? Philadelphia Freedom? Benny and the Jets? Tiny Dancer?