There are a few animal parks and sanctuary’s in Tasmania, at the weekend we visited ZooDoo for the first time.

It was easy to get up close to a variety of creatures, both Aussie locals and some from other continents. Meerkats, marmosets, emus, parrots, peacocks, wallabies and quolls were happy to pose for photos.

A safari bus took us into the enclosures of emu, camels, zebras.IMG_6027

I was conflicted about seeing lions in a confined enclosure, but there are no white lions left in the wild. The current population are all in captivity with active breeding programmes in place. Four cubs were born here in 2014, the second litter to these adult lions. The cubs were moved to zoos across Australia, to share the gene pool.IMG_5531

Animal Encounters take place each day, so I was able to see blue tongue lizards and touch a snake. A good reminder that these reptiles are waking from their winter hibernation now that it is spring here.IMG_6023

It was a fun day out.