Nature is rounded, full of curves.

The landscape, the clouds, trees, bushes, flowers, leaves, petals.IMG_6912

I visited Inverawe Native Gardens today and spent a delightful couple of hours wandering along paths, stopping to admire the flowers, noticing the varying scents, observing birds and pademelons and little ghekkos.


The owners are welcoming and informative, sharing their enthusiasm for the garden they have designed and planted since retiring to Tasmania in 2001, from Sydney. I relaxed with a cup of tea and home made cakes and appreciated the view. IMG_6915

There are information signs and labels, about the plants, the history of the place, the early explorers and botanists from Europe. There are also sculptures and poems written by the owners, dotted amounts the foliage.


“This garden is designed to please the eye and soothe the soul, but also to sit easily on our ancient, fragile landscape, a garden that works with the environment, not against it.”