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This week’s photo challenge is to share a Peek of something, photos to pique our interest. The theme is perfect, for today was the annual “open day” at our Government House in Hobart. We had a peek at the building and gardens that are usual closed to the public.IMG_7291IMG_7265

We peeked in windows, over walls, through trees to get views of the house and views from the house. Tickets to go inside were sold out, unfortunately. We’ll save that for another day.

It is the home and official residence of the Governor of Tasmania, built in the 1850’s, on land that overlooks the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and the River Derwent. It was built from sandstone that was quarried on site (the excavated holes were made into ornamental pools). Cedar and teak were recycled from an old ship, slate for the roof was imported from Wales and furniture was imported from London.IMG_7259 (1)IMG_7323