Hobart, Tasmania, is a charming small city at all times of the year, but in this week between Christmas and New Year, the city is at its best.IMG_E9685

The yachts of the 73rd annual “Sydney to Hobart” ocean race are in town, giving our waterfront extra colour and vibrancy. Crews are from twenty seven countries. Eleven of the 102 yachts are also competing in the “Clipper Round the World Race”, this being just one leg of their seven month journey.ORG_DSC01071ORG_DSC01087SHXKE6211

There is a fabulous atmosphere as locals and tourists view the yachts and visit “The Taste of Tasmania”, a delicious festival showcasing local foods, drinks and produce.

Whilst enjoying a few plates at The Taste, we gave a warm welcome to the yachts as they finished the race.IMG_E9603

For some crews, there was still work to be done, repairing sails.IMG_9686