Here is another update on last years challenges – 17 things for 2017

It has been a pleasure to talk to strangers, help find an address for a couple going to a house open day, help a child who couldn’t see her parents on a busy waterfront, to just chat to someone queuing for a coffee. At work I organised “dress down Friday” charity collections, we also donated to local food bank. I follow “action for happiness” on twitter who post inspiring ideas.

The arrival of our first grandchild has made “giving unexpected gifts” a joy, yet its own challenge, not to over indulge. He enjoyed his first posted gift.IMG_8498

We had a fabulous trip back to the UK in March. We spent treasured time with family and friends and found time to be tourists on a few days.

I cherish the relationships that have thrived despite the physical miles that separate us. Thank you Skype and Facetime!!

I’ve enjoyed sending hand written letters to friends and family. However, I soon realised that I forgot what news and views I had shared in previous letters, so now I take a photo of the letter before I post it. I love receiving letters and cards so guess other people do to.

I’ve continued to enjoy blogging and post regularly whilst working full time. Twelve months ago, I wasn’t sure how that would work out as my blog originated as “a gap year” pastime. But I’ve found a balance of online time that suits me. I continue to enjoy writing and sharing photos and reading other varied and interesting blogs.

Bless you to everyone I have connected with in the past year x.

Ticks for another 4 challenges.
✔2 – Post on blog at least twice a week and keep up with blog reading.
✔6 – “Pay it forward” on at least six occasions or give an unexpected gift.
✔7 – Times 3 – 21 days in the UK in March, catching up with family and friends.
✔13 – Send a hand written letter each month, more at Christmas.