My focus this year is about heath, wellbeing and happiness.

I began with “7 things” idea from dayzeroproject.com
Learn to … a new skill or hobby?
Start … develop a habit
Stop … break a habit
Take a holiday to … where you’d most like to go
Find … what are you looking for?
Try … one new thing you want to try
Be more … a personal characteristic to improve

However, I struggled to choose just one for each task so I have selected 18 things.

Learn to …
~ relax
~ take charge of my own happiness
~ become ambidextrous
Start …
~ moving, being more active
~ eating smaller portion sizes
~ eating mindfully
Stop …
~ making excuses about my health and weight
~ making unhealthy food and drink choices
~ overthinking
Take a holiday to …
~ New Zealand
~ Tasmania’s Maria Island
Find …
~ A job that I enjoy which has good work/life balance
~ Inspiring and positive things to read, blogs, books, articles
Try …
~ something new each month to improve my wellbeing
~ floatation tank
Be more …
~ health conscious
~ creative
~ accepting of myself and others

I also want to continue 18 things …
~ connecting with nature each week
~ maintaining strong relationships with family and friends, near and far
~ being the best NanR that I can be
~ taking photos
~ blogging
~ sentence a day
~ photo a day and other weekly photo challenges
~ exploring Tasmania
~ developing new friendships
~ challenging myself
~ paying it forward
~ decorating our driftwood tree
~ trying new things
~ supporting local events
~ enjoying Hobart life
~ walking on the beach regularly
~ knitting and crochet
~ being happy with my life and my choices