This week’s photo challenge is “Tour Guide” so join me for a peak at this delightful city at the bottom of Australia.

Let’s stroll along the waterfront. Fishing boats, cruise ships, yachts, cafes, bars and restaurants, history and links to the Antarctic.H waterfront 1

The waterfront leads to Salamanca Place, old sandstone warehouses from the 1830’s. More restaurants and a special Saturday market.IMG_1286

There are parks, coastal paths and local beaches to explore.
H parkIMG_E0894IMG_9872

We could drive to the summit of Mount Wellington or Mount Nelson for stunning views.IMG_0985IMG_8254

Or we could take a tour bus, horse and carriage, ferry or tall ship cruise.

Hobart is the capital of the island state of Tasmania, sitting at 42°South and 147°East. The city nestles between Mount Wellington and the River Derwent estuary. The population is approximately 222,000. The city is home to art, theatre, museums, music, festivals, regattas, farm markets, delicious locally sourced food and drink. There is always something going on, which is easily accessible. Hobart is a perfect place to live or visit.ORG_DSC01182

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour. Join me, in checking out these Tour Guide posts from this global blogging community. Enjoy the tours!