February has continued to be a month of leisure. We’ve enjoyed drives to remote beaches, bush walks, just being in touch with nature.

But also, the joyful experience of live music in the city, jazz evenings, Symphony Orchestra concerts, marching bands.IMG_1441

The Botanical Gardens were less colourful in these late weeks of summer. Still a delight to explore, to appreciate the paper daisies, the Japanese Garden. Flowering gum trees have been beautiful but there are now hints of autumn in the city parks.IMG_1522IMG_1576


It has been a busy month for cruise ship visits. Some days it seemed that these huge floating hotels were jostling for a “parking space” alongside navy and Antarctic ice breaker ships on our waterfront, even though I know it was all carefully choreographed.

The Urban Art Festival has ended. The variety of new art, the vibrant colours and designs have brightened up this back lane.IMG_1933

This is my contribution to the “changing seasons” theme, hosted by Su.