I’ve just ticked off one of my “18 things for 2018”. I’ve experienced a floatation tank and I loved it.IMG_1135

“Floatation therapy helps calm the mind and body with the experience of zero gravity.”

The floatation pod was like an enclosed bath, but large enough to lie in a star shape without touching the sides. The water was at body temperature and contains 500 kg of Magnesium Sulfate in 1,000 litres of water, replicating the sensation of floating in the Dead Sea.

The pod can create a sensory deprivation environment once the lid is closed. Soft music played for the first ten minutes and restarted during the last five minutes, while the remaining time of the hour-long float was silent. There was a button to switch off the soft coloured light leaving the pod in darkness.


Just wearing ear plugs, I naturally floated in the water. As my ears were below the water line, I was conscious of my heartbeat. It was easy to relax, follow my breath, switch off my mind, let thoughts just float away.

The benefits can be physical, spiritual and mindful – easing pain, lowering blood pressure, alleviating stress or anxiety, improving sleep, increasing concentration levels, improving consciousness, eliminating effects of jet lag.

After a shower to wash off the Epsom Salts, a cup of green tea in the lounge area helped me acclimatise back to the outside world. It was certainly an experience to relax, reboot, recharge.IMG_1139