It’s the last weekend of Hobart’s annual winter festival. There are various art installations across the city for “Dark Mofo”.

Here are just a few of them. Free, large scale, installations, open to everyone. Art that engages you, surrounds you, absorbs you, promotes discussion.

“Leviathan” by Matthew Schreiber
A massive geometrical sculpture wrought from lasers and light.IMG_5735IMG_5726IMG_5734IMG_5743

“Winter Fires”
Footpaths amongst the low level flames.IMG_5699IMG_5706IMG_5708IMG_5707

“Spectra” by Ryoji Ikeda
49 searchlights that reach up to 15 kms into the night sky. A beautiful, spiritual experience, especially in the rain.IMG_6019IMG_E6030IMG_6021IMG_6090IMG_6010

This is the view from our place, 15 kms from Spectra’s location.DSC01660