The Aged Care organisation that I work for has a strong culture of wellness and enablement for both clients and staff.

Each month, our office has a theme that encourages team work, inclusion, communication and encourages us to regularly get away from the desk for a few minutes.

In August, the theme was “Creativity”. We had lunch time sessions on origami, doodle art, zen-tangle, paper creations, toilet roll quilling, paper clip characters. We got knotted with a team macramé challenge. Colleagues shared their own creative passions and we had fun experiencing new crafts.

This month, the theme is “Air We Breathe”. As well as breathing exercises, lunch time singing sessions, we have quick challenges to roll the dice and complete the numbered task. We each have a pot of seeds to grow through September. We are all happy to take our seedlings for a short walk outside, to blow bubbles along the balcony or beside our desks. This is the most relaxed office I have worked in 🙂