Yesterday morning, the first yachts arrived in Hobart, having left Sydney on Boxing Day. This 628 nautical mile, classic ocean race is an annual event, now in its seventy fourth year.

I joined a crowd on Rosny Hill before work, to watch the first supermaxi yachts sail up the River Derwent, towards the finish line.

It was great to see such a welcome by spectator boats on the river, and crowds on the shore. The past two years, the winning boats have arrived during the night.

The second and third yachts arrived twenty eighth minutes later, with only one minute separating them.

Mid-afternoon, I went to a different lookout at Kangaroo Bluff to watch fifth place (a Tasmanian boat) and six place (all female crew) yachts arrive.

On my way home I stopped at the waterfront.DSC03597

The smallest yacht in this year’s race, at 30 feet long, is expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon.