It’s been a few months since I wrote on this blog. I subconsciously withdrew from social media, I took fewer photos whilst our life became busy with the process of house hunting.

After four years living in Tasmania, we have bought a home here. It was a big decision, more so for me, with my connections to the UK, easier for my Aussie husband. We love it here, the island, the landscape, the Hobart lifestyle, the climate, the place, the people. So it feels right to commit to life here.

House hunting became a full time hobby, checking online for new listings, visiting “open house” inspections every weekend. There are so many designs and styles of house here, so many choices and options. We gradually narrowed down our wish list. When we had purchased previous homes, we had strict limitations – transport links for commuting to London when we were “twenty somethings” – location to our daughters school when we moved for the “parents of teenagers” stage.

Now, it’s just us, what did we want? What suburbs appealed to us? Could we afford a water view?

Our new home is across the River Derwent so we now have views of the river and Mount Wellington. We have an “upside down” house, with bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs, living rooms upstairs with balcony.

We have a garden to look after, so that might become the new focus of my blog as I see what surprises the garden has in store over the coming months.

Today seems a good day to post a few photos. There was snow on the mountain for the first time this season.