This is the garden we’ve acquired with our new home. African daisies are in full flower, in various colours. DSC03843DSC03838DSC03840

There are a couple of flower beds in front of the house. One easy care bed with rosemary bushes. One beside the drive with roses, small azaleas, lilies and other as yet unidentified plants. IMG_2873IMG_3268A

At the back, there is a large wooden deck area, with the real garden behind the hedge. When we viewed the house the two raised vegetable beds were full, but they were empty when we moved in. So we are starting from scratch in those beds.IMG_2542AIMG_2546IMG_2473image

On the right hand side of the decking there are olive trees and one citrus bush. The lemons had been picked before we moved in but olives are maturing on at least one tree.IMG_2543IMG_2545

We are happy that there is no lawn and we won’t need a mower. As this is the first garden we’ve had in Australia, we had no tools or equipment. We only had a hand trowel for our balcony herb box in our rental place. So we have purchased gloves, secateurs, watering can and a hose to begin our new garden journey.

I’m looking forward to the coming months, to see what this garden will reveal. The first year will be full of surprises.

Does anyone know what this lovely soft leave bush might be?DSC03845