Our front garden has become more colourful this month with this show of nemesia flowers.
IMG_3262 (1)IMG_3263

I have pruned the half dozen rose bushes and had some pretty blooms in a vase indoors.

We planted a herb pot on our balcony which is going well. Mint, thyme and coriander were established plants. The rocket seeds in the top section are growing nicely.DSC03886IMG_3550

In the back garden we have kept it tidy. I planted a few seeds in our veggie patch. The spinach is looking strong, carrots and Romanesco broccoli were sown a few weeks later so have yet to appear.

I cut back a rosemary bush and harvested some rhubarb. There wasn’t enough for a pie or crumble so I chose to make a rhubarb relish, which we will enjoy with cheese and biscuits.

We have a compost bin again and are happy to make productive use of our food waste.IMG_E2923

It’s been a relaxed and pleasurable month in our garden 🙂