This post is a week late but here is a quick update on our garden during September, the beginning of spring.

The front garden continues to be a splash of colour with lavender bushes in flower.

I think the small tree is a Willow Myrtle, which now has small white flowers.

In the back garden the trees I posted last month, now identified as Pittosporum, has tiny black flowers.

I’m excited to see what colour these iris flowers will be.

A few creatures have been visible this month. I’m always surprised when I see orange ladybirds, rather than the expected red ones with black spots.

Our spinach, carrots and romaine cauliflowers continue to thrive. But something is feasting on the beetroot leaves. I’ve heard possums on our roof and seen rabbits on the other side of our fence, there are wallabies about the neighbourhood. There has definitely been animal droppings in the garden. It’s not square poo so I know it’s not wombats!

One of Australia’s main supermarkets is currently giving away seedlings. This is such a fabulous promotion after back lash on recent plastic collectable toys that are already appearing as rubbish on beaches and in landfill.

Each little cardboard pot contains a soil pellet and a few seeds. Put the pellet in water and it expands, place most of it in the pot, then the seeds, cover with remaining soil. Place in a light position, water each day and wait. I planted these on 28th of Sept so we’ll see how successful they are.