October started with bearded iris blooms.

Other flower highlights were lilac, pompom bush and this beautiful grass, ixia viridiflora.

We continued to harvest spinach on a daily basis. The little seed pots from Woolworths all thrived and were planted into our veggie patch.

Folk lore here in Tasmania states that you shouldn’t plant tomatoes outside until “Show Day”. This is the annual Royal Hobart Show, which was Thursday 24th October this year. So on that public holiday we bought three different varieties of tomato and planted them in our veggie patch.
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November started with stunning roses.

However I was disappointed that these flowers only lasted a week. Other rose bushes have lasted longer.IMG_6626IMG_6496

Our tomato plants are growing tall and have flowers. They are now in support canes. The bed was cleared when we moved in, so we were surprised to see several self seeded plants that are also growing well.

There are flowers on our olive trees.

We have now harvested and enjoyed home grown carrots, beetroot, spring onions, lots of rainbow chard, lots of herbs, rocket and spinach.

The month is ending with these lily type flowers.