April has been a full month of lockdown. Hobart’s Salamanca Place is usually a bustling market on Saturdays, surrounded by popular cafes and bars. Now it is empty except for the drive through test centre.

I’m fortunate to still be working full time and work has been hectic, with some days in the office, others working from home. As well as formal Zoom meetings, our Deputy CEO organised a “Big Hello” meeting so colleagues from all three offices could meet online. Hats, backgrounds were optional as we waved at each other and said Hi. It was a fun ten minutes in a busy day.

“Time is like water, if finds its own level.” Away from work, some weekends have dragged, despite walks along local coastal paths. I painted some pebbles to leave along the pathway and benches for kids to find.

I’ve spent time in the garden, planting veggie seeds and seedlings, cabbage, radish, spring onions. We are harvesting carrots, rocket, spinach and I’m on my second jar of bean sprouts. Our olive trees have fruit.

On Monday 20th April, I noticed comments on Facebook that the Aurora Australis was putting on a show. One side of our balcony faces south, so I went outside with camera in hand. I was pleased to get a few reasonable photos of the green glow in the night sky.

I’ve drunk lots of tea and written more than usual in my diary. I have kept journals on and off for thirty years. I was happy to find new books in a local newsagent, that match earlier volumes.
DSC04444IMG_9530 (1)

We keep in touch with family and friends and I’ve enjoyed video chats and receiving photos of our grandkids.

I continue to feel inspired by “Action for Happiness” calendar and quotes. Here are just a couple from April.

Stay safe. This is my contribution to Su’s Changing Seasons challenge.