Here in Hobart, May has been a month of autumn colours, frosty mornings, mild sunny days.

We have been given more freedoms as lockdown rules begin to roll back. We can go out more, travel further from our homes, more shops are open and cafes and restaurants can have up to ten people seated in addition to take away meals.

I took these photos of Hobart Waterfront. There are not usually so many fishing boats in port.
DSC04597 (1)DSC04603

Therefore May has also been a mixed month, with a different feel today compared to the beginning of the month.

To occupy myself, I have knitted a couple of baby strawberry hats. Here is our granddaughter. When I posted this photo I had two orders so I’m still busy with red and green wool.

I saw this experiment so tried it for myself. Hot water in the middle of a circle of M&M’s creates a pretty rainbow. Yes I still ate the chocolates 🙂

And I have relaxed with this fascinating book.

As today is the last day of autumn I will close with this image of “the last leaf on the tree”.
IMG_9909 (1)

This is my contribution to Su’s Changing Seasons challenge.