June has seen a roll back of lockdown measures, here in Tasmania. At the beginning of the month, shops reopened, children returned to school, people returned to work. Social distancing of 1.5 meters remained in place.

Covid-19 precautions at work include temperature check when signing in, also new batch of hand sanitiser.

Last Friday more restrictions eased. 500 people can gather outdoors, 250 indoors, with 1 person per 2sqm rule, thus allowing museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs to resume business. 20 visitors allowed to visit per household. Markets, food courts, garage sales, casinos, spas, swimming pools reopened. Community sport resumed.

Life feels like we’re heading back to a level of normality. Tasmania is fortunate, we have been virus free since the middle of the month and had no new cases for over 46 days.

Tasmania has used its advantage of being an island. Our borders have been closed since mid March. Anyone arriving from mainland Australia must complete 14 days quarantine, visitors in a government sponsored hotel, residents can quarantine at home. The rules are strict. So we feel safe here while we watch the news from other countries, other parts of Australia, as cases increase in some communities. Although a little worried what will happen when our borders open. Tasmania relies on tourism so it is a fine balance between economy and health risk.

We – well husband – has made this hat rack, for my one and his many hats. The wood is local Huon Pine.

We’ve picked olives from the trees in our garden and they’re now in jars. Our first attempt at curing olives. Fingers crossed.

I joined as group of neighbours for a productive clean up of our local coast path and beaches, one Sunday morning. We collected plastics, rope, a cushion, large piece of rubber, bubble wrap, wood. A worthwhile couple of hours.

We’ve had some sunny winter days so have tried to get out into nature, exploring the countryside. Walks on the beach with long winter afternoon shadows. We’ve also tried to support local businesses, where possible. A visit to the local animal sanctuary, lunches out, take away coffees.

This is my contribution to Su’s Changing Seasons.