Six months ago I was in Hotel Quarantine in Sydney, after flying back to Australia from the UK.

There was a very thorough arrival process at the airport. Quiet corridors, a temperature check and chat with a nurse, questions about covid symptoms, general and underlying health issues, mental health. Passport control, customs, baggage claim, then directed to coaches by Police and Military. The coach seemed to have all singles on it and it took us to a hotel in the city. There was the same police and military presence at the hotel. They took our luggage from the coach and lined it up outside hotel. We were allowed off the coach three at a time, to identify our luggage then we were checked in by police officers. We were given welcome info, meal bag. A soldier escorted me to my room. There was security on each floor. No room key as I couldn’t leave the room. 

I was very lucky to have a spacious room for my HQ. I needed binoculars to watch tv from the bed. I had a bath and shower. I could see the sky. Food was good in the first meal bag. Cereal, fruit, water bottle, fruit juice and soup bowl that just needed hot water. Very thoughtful considering some guests would be on morning time, some on local evening time. 

I had planned for HQ on my own, packed things to keep myself occupied, paperback books, wool for knitting, pens, paper, post it notes, diary, I loaded up my kindle with other books. I did puzzles online, took virtual tours of art galleries. I had lots of phone conversations and Facetime chats with family and friends. I exercised each day, I enjoyed the time to relaxed.

Here are some of my photos for the first four days.

More tomorrow …..